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Custom Lacrosse Socks

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Custom Lacrosse Socks

What is included?

  • FREE Price Quote: Tell us your ideas and we will quote you a price right away for your Custom Lacrosse Socks
  • FREE Price Quote: Tell us your ideas and we will quote you a price right away for your custom socks.
  • All-Inclusive Pricing: The quote you receive is what your Custom Lacrosse Socks will cost to get into your hands. No hidden fees.
  • All-Inclusive Pricing: The quote you receive is what your Custom Lacrosse Socks will cost to get into your hands. No hidden fees.
  • Completely Custom Designed : Every aspect of your Custom Lacrosse Socks design is personalized to YOUR specifications
  • Completely Custom Designed : Every aspect of you custom socks design is personalized to YOUR specifications
  • FREE Design Artwork: Your logos and design ideas are incorporated for FREE.
  • FREE Setup: No additional plate charges and no hidden fees for setup
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: Get a FREE sample proof to approve your Custom Lacrosse Socks design before final production to insure everything is perfect!
  • Quantity:Low Minimum Order of 120 Pairs
  • Leadtime:4-6 weeks
  • Shipping:Low rate Fedex shipping in USA and by Canada Post in Canada. We also ship all around the world.

Easy 6 step process

  • Call For A Fast FREE Quote

    We take your basic ideas and quote you an all-inclusive Custom Lacrosse Socks price over the phone so you know right away what the total cost will be.

  • FREE Artwork Incorporation

    Our professional designers take your logo, text and color scheme and design what we feel you are looking in Custom Lacrosse Socks for FREE.

  • FREE Setup And Design Adjustments

    Our experts put together your Custom Lacrosse Socks design for FREE in an easy to review format. You receive a digital design draft to review and adjust if needed. This process continues until you feel your design is perfect.

  • Final Approval

    When everything seems to be the way you want it, we’ll e-mail the final proof in a high resolution file or mail you an actual pair of Custom Lacrosse Socks. We are the only company in the industry that offers this option.

  • We Take Your Order

    Once you are satisfied with the design, the final detail is to place your Custom Lacrosse Socks order with the quantity and sizes you desire so we can start production.

  • Guaranteed Delivery

    When we give you a delivery date, it’s guaranteed to arrive on or before that date. You are sure to have your Custom Lacrosse Socks in hand when you need them for that big event.


No more cheap socks that fall apart, aren’t comfortable or that won’t stay in place!
Since My Custom Socks are always made in the USA, you are assured of the highest quality sock imaginable. Our combination of advanced materials, craftsmanship and knitting technology mean you get the best sock you have ever worn. Cutting edge materials and design features are used to keep your socks looking like new even after years of use. Compare our socks to any other low cost alternative to see the difference. When quality matters to you, My Custom Socks won’t ever disappoint you.


One of the most demanding sports for high quality socks has to be lacrosse. You need a personalized sock that incorporates function, performance and fit perfectly. has a lot of experience with manufacturing the best lacrosse socks money can buy. The proper materials are used in a number of specific areas in the sock. The result is comfort and performance that you just don’t get with cheap Lacrosse socks made if inferior materials. Gender specific mens socks and womens socks are styled and knitted for the differences in foot shape and size between genders. Within genders, Girls Lacrosse socks and Womens Lacrosse socks are both designed to meet your specific needs for example. Made in the USA, means you get to wear the best socks on the planet manufactured with all American pride. Know more

  • Why buy Custom Lacrosse Socks? – High performance and durability for lacrosse

    You will notice all the other companies who offer custom lacrosse socks simply add your logo or team name to stock styles and colors. Often your choices are only cheap lacrosse custom socks that fade and fall apart quickly. My Custom Socks is different in that we allow you to develop completely customized lacrosse socks to meet your exact desires and specifications. You can make them any cuff height from ankle to thigh. Our color palette is nearly limitless so you can match your logo color exactly. The choices of technologically advanced materials allow you to add reinforcement where you desire it most to protect your legs from grass burns and stick blows. These aren’t cheap cotton lacrosse socks that are only made in stock sizes and colors. Your custom lacrosse socks are Made In The USA for the quality, value and durability your sport demands.

  • Technology specific to Lacrosse – You choose the best sock materials and design features

    Depending on where you play lacrosse, it can demand a completely different type of custom lacrosse socks material and design. If you play for a southern university lacrosse team for example, you most likely want a shorter, thinner and cooler custom socks technology. Northern university teams typically desire a taller sock made of warmer and thicker materials. The beauty of ordering lacrosse custom socks online at is you can choose from either side or anything in between without having to settle from custom socks that are so much less than 100% customized lacrosse socks. Our design team works with you every step of the way to help you design the best custom lacrosse socks imaginable.

  • C) Our Technologies are DEVELOPED FOR LACROSSE – Choose from these materials and design options for your custom lacrosse socks:
    • Custom Lacrosse Socks Knitting Choices – We knit your colors, logo and text directly into your custom socks for comfort and visual appeal like you have never before experienced! We never use inferior design processes like:
      • Cheap Custom Embroidered Lacrosse Socks
      • Custom socks stitching that quickly unravels
      • Cheap custom lacrosse socks that are silkscreened
      • Low quality lacrosse custom printed socks with logo
      • Cheap thread in woven lacrosse custom socks with logo
    • Technologically Advanced Fabrics – We only use technologically advanced sock materials that are specific to the abuse lacrosse custom socks endure. Some of our cutting edge fabrics include Coolmax, Bamboo, UltraThin and EcoSoleMax to name a few.
    • Nearly Limitless Colors – You have the choice of picking from standard colors or matching the colors of your patterns and logos precisely as we have almost unlimited colors to choose from. Choose from many basic lacrosse custom socks colors or precisely match your team colors with choices such as:
      • Black socks
      • Navy socks
      • Blue socks
      • Red socks
      • White socks
      • Pink socks
      • Brown socks
      • Orange Socks
      • Yellow Socks
      • Green socks
      • Purple socks
      • Fuchsia socks
      • Aqua socks….and so many more!
    • Custom Lacrosse Socks Styles – YYou have complete control over the lacrosse custom socks styles which is unique to My Custom Socks. With other custom socks manufacturers, you can only choose from stock styles. With us you get customized lacrosse socks that you designed from start to finish.
    • Lacrosse Custom Socks Cuff Height – Once again, you don’t need to settle for stock lacrosse socks cuff heights with us. We let you design the custom lacrosse socks cuff height from zero all the way to your upper thigh if you like.
    • Custom Lacrosse Socks Sizes – We will knit any size custom lacrosse socks you need to fit your feet most precisely. You can select adult sock sizes, men’s sock sizes, women’s sock sizes and kids sock sizes to meet the needs of any lacrosse team or club.
  •  What Do You Get With Your Custom Lacrosse Socks Order?
    • Assistance from a staff of design experts – The staff at has years of experience designing every type of custom socks you can imagine. This is all we do so we have gotten very good at our job. Don’t settle for stock lacrosse custom socks when you can engage our team of experts in the design you desire most for your team or event.
    • Free setup and artwork design – The price you are quoted includes FREE setup and artwork design modifications. This means we prepare the template and then work with you one on one until you are completely satisfied with your design. Other companies who advertise custom lacrosse socks either don’t allow you to participate in the design process or they charge extra to work with you one time.
    • Customized lacrosse socks in every conceivable way – OWe work with you during every step of the custom socks process to assure you get the design you want. You get to be the driving force behind the design process. This way, you are guaranteed to end up with the best custom lacrosse socks imaginable. We count on your input so My Custom Socks can deliver exactly what your lacrosse team wants and needs.
  • Design Performance Like No Other Custom Lacrosse Socks – Superior performance through cutting edge design features
    • Superior moisture wicking from advanced materials – We utilize fabrics such as Core Spun Coolmax, Merino Wool and Bamboo that have advanced moisture wicking capabilities built in. This means your feet stay cool, dry and/or warm depending regardless of the weather conditions you play lacrosse in. Wicking moisture away from your feet is one of the biggest advantages you get from our lacrosse custom socks. Inferior materials will leave you wishing you had purchased from long ago.
    • Cushioning and Padding – The best lacrosse custom socks will have cushioning where you need it most. At My Custom Socks, you can design in cushioning and padding wherever you want it with your custom lacrosse socks. You are the lacrosse expert so we need your input as to where you would like reinforcement and protection to keep you in the game.
    • Options for Mesh Tops – If you choose padding or extra thickness with your lacrosse custom socks, you don’t have to have the whole sock made this way. A feature many lacrosse players enjoy is being able to have mesh material on top of the foot. This helps keep your feet cool and more comfortable in your shoe at a point where you don’t necessarily want extra thickness in your custom lacrosse socks.
    • Incredibly Durable – Maybe the best overall design feature for your lacrosse custom socks will be the durability. Our design process coupled with technologically advanced materials and reinforcement in the heel and toe mean your custom socks will last for years. If you are tired of cheap lacrosse socks that wear out, fade and come apart after only a washing or two, spend a few cents more at and get long lasting comfort.
    • Our unique 3 seam knitting process – Our knitting process consists of a unique 3 seam technique instead of the typical 2 seam custom socks you find everywhere else. You might think that the fewer seams in custom lacrosse socks is better right? Having 3 seams for these lacrosse custom socks means they fit like a glove without bunching in the toe like cheap lacrosse socks do. The seams are flat and integrated into the sock so you never know they are there.
  • Made in the USA

    It’s difficult to find lacrosse custom socks or any type of sock for that matter that is Made in the USA anymore. We are one of the only companies you will find in America that manufactures every pair of custom socks we sell in the United States. Particularly with custom lacrosse socks, you will have a very hard time buying USA made custom socks anywhere on the internet. The cheapest custom lacrosse socks you can find are most likely made in another country. We support the United States work force and take pride in being an all American custom socks manufacturing company.

  • A Custom Socks Company – All we do is manufacture custom socks!

    Unlike almost every other custom lacrosse socks company you can find, we only knit CUSTOM socks. We don’t sell cheap socks and dabble in lacrosse custom socks on the side. Knitting the best custom socks for lacrosse and as many other sports as you can think of is our one and only company task. This isn’t something you will find with many custom socks companies if any at all. What this means to you is a team of professionals with unique skills and insight into manufacturing the best custom lacrosse socks. In addition, we can therefore knit custom lacrosse socks and sell them to you at wholesale prices factory direct no matter how big or small your lacrosse team is. We are a custom socks manufacturer exclusively so we can focus on turning your design ideas into vivid reality. Our custom socks company highlights include:

    • My Custom Socks started with exporting custom socks to European teams and organizations in 2007
    • The popularity of our socks grew exponentially as we started getting inquiries from all over the world
    • Our custom socks popularity grew exponentially among various sports teams and inquiries from other countries around the world started pouring in.
    • Since our production capability is over 50,000 pair per month you don’t ever have to wait as we only manufacture custom socks
    • Our technologically advanced materials add to the functionality and durability making our lacrosse custom socks far superior to cheap cotton lacrosse socks. The materials you get to choose from are top performing custom socks choices that meet the most demanding needs.
      • Coolmax – Corespun coolmax is one of the most popular material choices for custom lacrosse socks. The combination of durable fibers that are breathable and moisture wicking make these custom socks extremely comfortable and high performing.
      • EcoSOLEMAX – The environmentally friendly nature of this 100% recycled Coolmax fiber makes this material a popular choice for lacrosse custom socks. EcoSOLEMAX gives you the same great features that Corespun Coolmax offers while simultaneously reducing the carbon footprint on the planet. Choosing this material for your custom lacrosse socks earns you a big BRAVO!
      • Bamboo – If you are tired of smelly lacrosse socks stinking up the place, this could be the material choice for you. The anti-bacterial nature of this fiber means less chance of odor from your custom lacrosse socks. Believe it or not, Bamboo fibers make soft, comfortable, highly durable and yes, sweet smelling lacrosse custom socks.
      • Wool – Our Merino wool is a very popular custom lacrosse sock material for colleges and universities in the northern part of the USA in particular. As you might expect it’s very warm and comfortable in colder conditions. What you might not expect however is how incredibly durable and protective this material is for even the most demanding lacrosse matches.
      • Ultrathin – Many players and teams prefer the thinnest material they can get for their custom lacrosse socks. Particularly if you play in hot and humid conditions primarily, this material keeps your feel cool and comfortable during even the longest games. Choose Ultrathin for your lacrosse custom socks may be the best choice for warmer climates.
  • We manufacture Custom Lacrosse Socks for teams all over the world!

    Here at My Custom Socks, the number of lacrosse teams we have manufactured for continues to grow like wild fire. The reason is lacrosse teams we have manufactured for can’t help but rave about their custom lacrosse socks. Not only do we knit the most comfortable and durable custom socks, your school, club or team design is showcased in the most clear and crisp looking lacrosse socks you have ever seen. Some of the teams and organizations we have knitted lacrosse custom socks for include:

    • Police Custom Lacrosse Socks – More and more organizations are playing lacrosse seriously in leagues around the USA which demands the best custom lacrosse socks. Police custom lacrosse socks have been made by My Custom Socks to meet this growing demand.
    • Military Lacrosse Custom Socks – Many of the military academy lacrosse teams have come to to supply their competitive and intramural teams with custom socks. Military lacrosse custom socks are growing in demand all the time.
    • Corporate Custom Lacrosse Socks – The trend for corporations to have competitive lacrosse teams is great to see. Corporate custom lacrosse socks are one of the fastest growing markets for My Custom Socks and we are happy to help support this trend.
    • High School Lacrosse Custom Socks – We have knitted high school lacrosse custom sock for teams all over the United States. It used to be the only affordable option was cheap lacrosse socks made from cotton or other low quality materials. Now teams can order custom lacrosse socks from us and still remain within their budget limitations.
    • College Lacrosse Custom Socks – More and more college lacrosse custom socks are being ordered from as the word spreads about our quality and value. Once again we can offer affordable prices on the best custom lacrosse socks for college teams on a tight budget.
    • Elementary School Custom Lacrosse Socks – It’s great to see young kids playing lacrosse and helping grow the sport. We often get calls for elementary school custom lacrosse socks and we do all we can to help their developmental programs.
    • Olympic Lacrosse Custom Socks – For Olympic lacrosse custom socks in particular, you want to showcase you country in style. We have manufactured custom lacrosse socks for Olympic teams all over the world.
    • World Cup Lacrosse Custom Socks – Both men’s lacrosse teams and women’s lacrosse teams have come to us for world cup lacrosse custom socks. Once again, showcasing their country in style is a top priority for teams competing in world championships lacrosse.
  • We Have Customers Worldwide – Custom Socks Made in the USA then sold all around the world

    American made custom lacrosse socks are popular all over the world. Teams everywhere are hearing about My Custom Socks and phoning in their custom socks orders. Here is a list of some of the countries where we have sold lacrosse custom socks:

    • Custom Lacrosse Socks Canada
    • Lacrosse Custom Socks Mexico
    • Custom Lacrosse Socks USA
    • Brazil Lacrosse Custom Socks
    • Europe Custom Lacrosse Socks
    • Russia Lacrosse Custom Socks
    • Germany Custom Lacrosse Socks
    • France Lacrosse Custom Socks
    • United Kingdom – UK Custom Lacrosse Socks
    • South Africa Lacrosse Custom Socks
    • Italy Custom Lacrosse Socks
    • Spain Lacrosse Custom Socks
    • Australia Custom Lacrosse Socks
    • New Zealand Lacrosse Custom Socks
    • Netherlands Custom Lacrosse Socks
  • Our Affordable Pricing – Economically priced for unbeatable quality and value!
    We guarantee the best combination of cost and value because this is our business exclusively. Our knitting machines are setup to manufacture custom lacrosse socks for you as quickly and efficiently as possible. We don’t need to spend time re-tooling our machines to make custom socks because this is all we do. This translates into fast turnaround and the most affordable pricing you will find on lacrosse custom socks. Compare the following points with other custom socks companies and you’ll soon find out why we have become the top rated 2012 custom lacrosse socks company:

    • Very Low Minimums – Our minimum order of 120 pairs of Custom Lacrosse Socks is one of the lowest in the industry. Coupled with our low prices, you can afford our lacrosse custom socks no matter how small you club or team is.
    • A Set Price – There are no hidden fees or surprise costs once the knitting and design process starts. We work with you for as long as it takes to perfect your design without charging you additional fees. This allows you to budget for your custom lacrosse socks order and know that you can afford the quality we offer with every custom socks order.
  • Fastest Turnaround – We only make custom socks so there is no waiting

    Almost all companies that offer custom lacrosse socks just do it as a side light. My Custom Socks only manufactures fully customized socks. Because of this, you never have to wait in line for us to finish making cheap socks for department stores or other big retailers. Everything in our custom socks making factory is designed around customizing lacrosse socks and custom socks for other sports teams and groups. The result is extremely fast turnaround from the time you place your order until your custom socks arrive at your door. This means you won’t ever have to play another lacrosse match in cheap custom socks or off the shelf cotton socks. Get your order in today and you’ll be amazed how fast your order is completed and in your possession.

Compare My Custom Socks to other companies and we know you will come back to us. Keep these points in mind regarding our custom lacrosse socks:

  • We only knit CUSTOM socks so we can focus on this job exclusively. Ask other custom socks manufacturers if they only sell 100% customized socks or do they sell other types of socks
  • Some of our staff have played lacrosse giving them valuable insight into manufacturing the best custom lacrosse socks. How many other companies can say that?
  • We only sell custom socks Made in the USA. Very few manufacturers can make this claim and it’s one of reason our lacrosse custom socks are sold worldwide
  • How many other companies can offer custom lacrosse socks made from any number of technologically advanced materials? You get to choose the best material for your custom socks
  • Your custom lacrosse socks will be the most comfortable you have ever worn because you were part of the design process. Can you order 100% customized lacrosse socks from any other company that you know of?
  • Compare our prices with any other lacrosse custom socks company and you will see we are the leader in quality and value. You won’t find better custom lacrosse socks for the price
  • You never have to settle for stock sizes, colors or styles for your custom lacrosse socks. Every aspect of your custom socks can be tailored to your specific desires
  • The 3 seam knitting process, reinforced areas of high stress and technologically advanced materials all contribute to custom lacrosse socks that will last for years.
  • You won’t find companies that can turnaround your lacrosse custom socks order as fast as we can. Our factory is setup to make custom socks and nothing else which isn’t something you find with other custom socks manufacturers
  • Order your custom lacrosse socks online today at



  • Made in USA

    This means no cheap custom socks made overseas from low quality materials and workmanship. Each of our Custom Lacrosse Socks are made with unsurpassed American pride and technologically advanced materials

  • Custom Knitting

    We take great care to knit your Custom Lacrosse Socks together so they stay together. Our 100% U.S. workforce has the skill and experience for knitting the highest quality Custom Lacrosse Socks possible.

  • Odor Resistant

    Unique moisture wicking technology keeps your feet dry and odor free. Special fabrics like bamboo also have natural anti-bacterial properties for odorless Custom Lacrosse Socks all day long.

  • Colors That Never Run Or Fade

    Due to our yarns being of utmost quality, your colors won’t ever run or fade even after years of use and laundering your one of a kind Custom Lacrosse Socks.

  • Non GMO Fabrics And Dyes

    Cotton is one of the most genetically modified crops today. We never use GMO cotton or dyes with our material or color to make your Custom Lacrosse Socks.


  • Unmatched Comfort

    Quality plus design equals comfort. Not only will your Custom Lacrosse Socks look amazing, they will be the most comfortable Custom Lacrosse Socks you have ever worn due to our unique knitting process.

  • 3 Seam Knitting

    We are the only Custom Lacrosse Socks company we know of that uses 3 seams to make the Custom Lacrosse Socks dramatically more comfortable. Your Custom Lacrosse Socks will form to your foot like a glove unlike cheap Custom Lacrosse Socks made with only 2 seams.

  • Far Superior Breathability

    Because we use only the highest quality materials coupled with mesh knitting techniques, your Custom Lacrosse Socks will breathe to properly control moisture and comfort in the most demanding situations.

  • Cuff Material Made To Stay In Place

    We use lycra and other durable materials in the cuff rather than cheap elastic so these Custom Lacrosse Socks always keep their shape and stay in place even after years of washing and drying.


  • Clear & Crisp Designs

    Any text, logo or image you design into your Custom Lacrosse Socks will be clear and sharp unlike clumsy looking embroidery or cheap screen printing.

  • Unlimited Color Choices

    Unlike most other companies, My Custom Socks offers almost limitless color choices. This means we are better able to match your original design color.

  • 100% Custom Lacrosse Socks

    The combination of materials and design keep your feet feeling cool even in the heat of summer. Ultra-thin Custom Lacrosse Socks designs are available that aren’t just neat, they are really COOL!.

  • Advanced Cooling Features

    The combination of materials and design keep your feet feeling cool even in the heat of summer. Ultra-thin designs are available that aren’t just neat, they are really COOL!

  • Unlimited Designs & Styles

    Our design team has unmatched experience and skills. We can take even the most basic design ideas and help turn each into a Custom Lacrosse Socks masterpiece.

  • Logos And Colors That Are Part Of The Knitting

    We don’t embroider or silk screen your design onto the Custom Lacrosse Socks. The text, logo and images are incorporated into the fabric. The result is a better looking, more comfortable Custom Lacrosse Socks.


  • Longer Lasting

    The proper material is used in each area to assure no part of your Custom Lacrosse Socks wears out before another unlike cheap cotton Custom Lacrosse Socks.

  • Heel and Toe Reinforced

    You won’t ever get a hole in the heel or toe due to the reinforcement we incorporate into these high stress areas for all the Custom Lacrosse Socks we knit.

Price & Service

  • All Inclusive Pricing

    The price you are quoted is your total price for the process of designing and manufacturing your customized socks. For the quality and personal attention you receive, these are unbeatable prices. We don’t make the cheapest Custom Lacrosse Socks on the planet however. When you demand quality at affordable prices, My Custom Socks is what you have been looking for.

  • Superior Customer Service

    We don't think you will find better customer service at any price. Every customer is treated with equal care and courtesy. Whether you order 120 pair or 1000 pair of Custom Lacrosse Socks, you receive the same attention and superior customer service from start to finish. A member of our staff will work with you on every detail from your initial design concept to manufacturing.

  • Personal Attention Every Step Of The Way

    The price includes having our sales and design staff work with you one on one during the entire process from design to manufacturing. This is rolled into our all-inclusive custom socks pricing.

  • Fastest Turnaround Time In The Industry

    Once you approve your design, the your Custom Lacrosse Socks will be manufactured immediately so you aren't left waiting to try them on.



CLASSIC™Traditional thin sock for all activi- ties. Available in various cuff heights
  • Lightweight Mesh Custom Lacrosse SocksCore-spun COOLMAX® fabric and nylon blend for maximum breathability.
  • Moisture Wicking Custom Lacrosse SocksCore-spun COOLMAX® fabric woven to the inside with nylon placed on the outside to protect the skin while wicking away moisture.
  • Smooth Toe Custom Lacrosse SocksRosso Extra Smooth looped toe seam is incredibly durable and comfortable.

CUSTOM CUFF HEIGHTS FROM ZERO TO 12.5" ! Use the guide below and don’t hesitate to select the precise height you desire.


SMALL - 5 - 8 35 -39.5
MEDIUM 7 - 9 8.5 - 10.5 40 - 42.5
LARGE 9.5 - 11.5 11 - 13 43 - 45.5
X-LARGE 12+ 13+ 46+


Basic cotton Custom Lacrosse Socks are a thing of the past here. My Custom Socks uses 6 unique materials to meet every comfort and durability need and desire. Demanding sports and activities require technology to help you perform at your best. Wicking away moisture is of primary importance to keep your feet dry and comfortable. Breathability is also crucial to keep your feet cool on the hottest days. Reinforced with durable fabrics in the heel and toe means you never experience an annoying hole for the entire life of your Custom Lacrosse Socks. Cuffs are interwoven with lycra so they keep they shape and always stay in place regardless of the activity. Natural and synthetic fibers are combined to manufacture the best Custom Lacrosse Socks that are longer lasting and more comfortable than anything you have ever worn.


  • CORE-SPUN COOLMAX® encases a LYCRA® core to create Custom Lacrosse Socks with incredible moisture control, increased strength, and excellent stretch recovery.

  • The “Eco” is COOLMAX® EcoMade made from 100% recycled plastic. All the benefits of COOLMAX® just now better for the environment and your playground.

  • Bamboo has many benefits to the athlete, excellent moisture management and a soft yet durable finish being primary benefits of Custom Lacrosse Socks made from bamboo fibers.

  • Extra fine micron count wool with the inherent ability for Custom Lacrosse Socks with temperature regulation, moisture management and bacteria resistance.

  • UltraLite and barely there, but gives you all the protection and comfort you’ll need and desire from your Custom Lacrosse Socks.

  • LYCRA® SPORT was designed for sporting activities where you need the ultimate combination of Custom Lacrosse Socks performance and comfort.

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